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Mexican food undergoes a change of focus in recent years. If it is a traditional and "familiar" gastronomy, it becomes a true cult of flavor, tradition and the avant-garde of gastronomy.

For this reason, in the Taquería del Alamillo we carry out this double focus on the dishes that our chef makes: On the one hand, respect for the tradition of the flavors of authentic Mexican products and the culture of this country, and on the other hand, the vanguard of the latest elaborations, of the new techniques that are developed in restoration and of the new methods used. We treat Mexican food as a way of uniting your family, as is the case in most of the families in this country.

The art of cooking

Mexico is much more than a country, and therefore it is a responsibility to be a representative of your cuisine. That is why he strives to carefully prepare his dishes; transmitting in each one of them the great love of labor Mexican cuisine is, so that diners share that hug from Mexican families.

Our chef strives to transmit to each meal and dish all his knowledge and experience, so that you can enjoy all the flavors of Mexico and its products.

Taqueria del Alamillo is one of the best representatives of traditional Mexican cuisine in Spain.